Features that free up your time

With an ever growing feature list, LemonBop provides you everything you need to manage your customers, sales and marketing automation easily, giving you time back.

Meet LemonBop Core

Our Core software provides all the CRM, sales management and email marketing automation features you need to empower your business. It frees you up to focus on what you do best by simplifying the customer management processes.

Manage all your contacts

Custom contact fields

Add to the default set of fields to capture any additional information you need.

Custom company fields

Personalise your data with as many custom fields as you need for companies.

Dynamic segments

Set rules for your segments and your contacts will automatically be added when they meet the criteria.

Activity logs

See the history of all interactions with your contacts.


Add unlimited notes to remember all the meetings, phone calls or emails.

File upload

Upload and store files against your contact or company records.

Social profiles

With the default social profile fields you can capture links to all the major sites

Google contacts

Two way synchronisation with Google contacts meaning no more double entry.

CSV import

Easily import your contact list with our CSV import capability.


Create pre-configured actions that should happen when events happen, like a new lead created, quote accepted or a new tag added to a contact.

Manage all your sales pipeline

Sales dashboards

Customise your dashboards to surface the key information you need easily.

Sales funnels

Personalise your sales funnels to track your leads through to sale.


Create templates to manage your quotes easily. They can even accept it online.


Customise your templates and include links to online payments to get paid faster.


Track all transactions against contacts to understand your best customers

eCommerce ready

Link your eCommerce site to have orders and transactions automatically appear.

APIs to integrate

Do you have other systems you need to integrate with? LemonBop CRM is ready to integrate with APIs for any system to integrate with.

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Manage all your emails


Create email newsletters and send to specific segments or everyone.

Auto responders

Set up automatic responses for people who submit a form.

Email campaigns

Set up email sequences that will automatically send to a mail list based on your needs.

Canned emails

Set up standard emails ready to send to save having to type up repetitive content.

Scheduled send

Do the work when you can and have the emails send at a time more appropriate for the contact.

What was sent

Easily see what emails a contact has been sent over time.

What happens when you sign up?

We want you to succeed, that’s why we personally contact every new customer and book personal online sessions. We use these sessions to help you get set up and teach you how to make the most out of LemonBop.
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